Ninomiya kazunari and asami mizukawa are dating

However, they got back together about a year later.

Late Junuary of 2012, with a mask, Mizukawa was spotted at Aiba's apartment building.

As for Aiba, he was almost kicked out of Arashi when the pictures leaked out.

Thanks to the ever loyal fanbase, Aiba was allowed to stay.

If he were a junior when all of this took place, there would be no Arashi sunshine on screen today.

but they broke up in the fall of 2008 because of their busy careers.

It seems like her family has already accepted Matsuyama as their son-in-law.

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While the two never admitted to the rumours at first, earlier in the week both parties finally acknowledged the relationship while attending separate functions.Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari (25) and actress Inoue Mao (22) will co-star in a drama special on TBS.The story is based on two novels written by professional windsurfer Iijima Natsuki, who died of cancer in 2005.Inoue plays the psychiatrist's wife and mother to the couple's twin daughters.Other cast members include Miyamoto Nobuko as a nurse, Santamaria Yusuke as a surgeon, and Ogata Naoto as the owner of a surf shop.It seems their relationship has reached a new level.


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